EVS Ltd. Wins Prestigious Innovation Award Three Times

EMS World Award EVS Ltd. is a three-time winner of the EMSWorld Innovation Awards, which recognize the industry’s top new or significantly improved innovative products each year. Thirty semi-finalists are chosen annually from among more than 100 submissions, and evaluated at the EMSWorld Expo by Top Innovations Award Judge Mike Smith, BS, MICP. Smith meets one-on-one with semi-finalists at the expo to examine and test each product firsthand, as well as ask questions, before making a determination. Of the semi-finalists, only 20 are designated with the prestigious Innovation Award by EMSWorld, the foremost publication for the emergency medical services market. This means that EVS Ltd. products stood out from other EMS products, for both increasing the safety of EMS professionals and transforming the delivery of emergency medical care. We are proud of our products that meet this distinction.

Award-Winning Product Reviews

EVS 1769 Mobility 1 Seat
2012 EMSWorld Innovation Award Winner – EVS 1769 with Mobility 1 from EVS Ltd.

If you wanted to track the evolution of the ambulance attendant seat, you could look at the EVS product line from the last two decades. EVS Ltd. has led the EMS industry almost singlehandedly to where we are today as far as function, comfort, stability and versatility. If you want to experience the perfect marriage of design and function in an ambulance attendant seat, that would be the EVS 1769 with Mobility 1 Tracking.

This is an extraordinarily comfortable, well-constructed seat that provides many options for use. The Mobility 1 Tracking allows the provider to have up to 48’’ in right-to-left movement, allowing them to grab supplies or provide patient care. The swivel base can be mounted in any of three different locations, providing different configuration options in the ambulance. The seamless construction makes cleaning and decon work a snap, and you get two solid choices when it comes down to restraint, either the 3-point or the 6-point.

Should you have a situation where transporting a second patient in the prone position is needed, the EVS 1769 unlatches and fold forward. Once it’s folded down, you’ll see that the back is covered with a non-skid surface for additional safety. When you need more space, the EVS 1769 easily folds up into a remarkably thin storage position.

If you wish to see what state-of-the-art ambulance attendant seating looks like, you need look no further than the EVS 1769 from EVS Ltd.

EMSWorld Expo, New Orleans, LA
Judge: Mike Smith, BS, MICP

Mobility 1

2010 EMSWorld Innovation Award Winner – Mobility 1 Tracking System from EVS Ltd.

EVS is clearly on a mission to do its part in making work in the back of an ambulance safer. Since 1993, EVS Ltd. has created more safety seating products than anyone else in the EMS industry. Their unswerving commitment to invest in research and development and dynamic testing of their seating products has led them to introduce a remarkable product: the Mobility 1 Tracking System.

The Mobility 1 Tracking System starts with a state-of-the-art EVS seat, which is mounted on either a 48" or 36" track made of stainless steel or with a nickel finish. Both are easily cleaned of mud, blood and beer. Depending on need, the seat can be locked in 4" increments at any point on the track. The seat also features a new 8-position swivel base. Coupled together, you have 4 feet of right-to-left motion and the option of any of 8 points of pivot, giving you excellent access to equipment and your patient while remaining secured in a seated position. Even with the incredible versatility that the seat provides, there are some limitations for movement, most of which can be addressed by adding the optional EVS High-Mobility Restraint (HMR) System.

With the addition of the HMR System, you can stand and move around while wearing the safety harness, as it allows the straps to feed out. When the task has been completed, you can sit down and resecure in a matter of seconds.

As the EMS industry makes strides to create a safer work environment in the back of an ambulance, EVS is leading the way with its pioneering work as manifested in the Mobility 1 Tracking System. It is impressive, to say the least.

EMSWorld Expo, Dallas, TX
Judge: Mike Smith, BS, MICP

To learn more about the EMSWorld Innovation awards, visit emsworld.com/awards/innovation-awards

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