Setting the standard for quality,
EVS strives to engineer the safest
and most convenient seating
and cushioning products for the
medical industry, meeting
GSA & OSHA guidelines the
first time, every time.
Priority One: Safety.

There are leaders.
There are followers.
Follow the leader
in safety and innovation.

Safety, quality, and convenience:
Often copied, but second to none.

Since the introduction of our signature seat in 1993, The Hi-BAC Safety Seat, EVS has set the standard for safety, quality and convenience. This seat, the cornerstone of our business, allows EMTs to transport uninjured children in emergency vehicles. And in answer to OSHA standards for the safe removal of blood-borne pathogens, seamless seat construction prevents these pathogens from migrating into the stitching of traditional seating. From its inception, EVS has built its reputation on catering only to the emergency medical industry. For EVS, attendant safety is our first priority as we engineer seating with quality and convenience for our customers.

The new generation of safety
for EMS professionals.

Our newest security innovation features the EVS Mobility Tracking System, allowing attendants access to equipment and patients without ever having to leave their seat. With a 48” long track and locking increments every 4”, the system meets or exceeds every FMVSS and Triple-K standard. Placed anywhere to meet the needs of EMTs, the system’s safety, quality and convenience is unparalleled in the industry.

With our new advanced integrated restraint systems, we’ve taken attendant safety to a level never seen in the history of seating products for the medical industry. The EVS High Mobility Restraint System allows attendants to move freely and conveniently while remaining safely belted. Meeting federal safety guidelines and setting quality standards, the restraint system locks down in a crash. This innovative restraint system can be installed on any of our advanced seats.

Product Brochure PDF download
1769 with Mobility 1 Tracking
1769 flip-up / tilt-forward seat
1860 attendant/child flip seat
1900 Executive Captain's Chair
2000 Executive Captain's Chair
Mobility 1 track seat
1800 attendant/child seat
1850 attendant/child seat
1750 attendant seat
17407 sewn attendant seat
1780 attendant seat
1790 squad bench convertible
1880 attendant/child seat
1760 flip seat
17803E attendant seat
1870-05 child seat
1500 series
Custom cushions/headers
Base options