EVS 1790


  • A tilt forward seat engineered to transport a second patient.

  • Available with 3- or 5-point belting systems.

  • A non-skid back surface.

  • When tilted forward one seat can handle 300 lbs.

  • Seat has a quick and easy-to-use tilt forward latch.

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EVS 1790


EVS 1790
44.69" Overall Seat height (on base)
40.94" Seat height with track
21.25" Width
24.25" Seat Depth (10 DEG)

1790 1790 1790 1790

The seat can be easily positioned every 45
degrees for a total of
eight positions. This allows the paramedic to sit at various angles to the patient, thereby making
it easier for them to work from head to toe – while sitting in a safer, and near forward-facing position relative to the front of
the vehicle.

The combination of two 1790
seats holds up to 600 lbs. in the tilted horizontal position making
it useful for a wider array of
patients. Trauma victims are
safely restrained by three durable belts in compliance with Triple
“K” standards found in section
3.11.4 while two belts are secured over the patient’s legs and chest.
A third belt secures the board
to the rear wall, preventing it from sliding forward. This unique belt placement allows for added safety and reliability in the event of an accident.

A non-skid surface allows for added safety and security when placing a backboard on seat backs.
The seat sits upright for a seated position and also folds forward creating a flat surface for transporting a second patient.

The conveniently-located paddle-latch release converts seats into a flat surface with just one hand – quickly and easily.


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Product Brochure PDF download
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