• Hi-Bac Child Safety Seat for uninjured children between 20-50 lbs.

  • Available in 2-point belting.

  • Molded foam back with lumbar support that provides maximum comfort.

  • 5-point belting for an uninjured child.

*Also available in a sewn version. (EVS 1800)

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EVS 1760


EVS 1850/1852
49.63" Overall Seat height (on base)
40.13" Seat height with track
19.25" Width
26.375" Seat Depth (10 DEG) (1850)
24" Seat Depth (6 DEG) (1852)

1850 1850 1850

The EVS 1850 Hi-BAC™ Safety Seat
makes it easier, safer and more
convenient to transport uninjured
children just like the original Hi-BAC™
1800 with one major upgrade –

The EVS 1850 Hi-BAC™ Safety Seat, always where you need it, when you need it the most!

The 1850 is engineered to meet or exceed OSHA’s standards for the removal of blood borne pathogens. Everything you have come to expect from E.V.S., Ltd. and the Hi-BAC™ Safety Seat is built into the 1850 with the additional upgrade of engineered seamless construction, which means increased safety for you and the kids.


Note: The 1850 seat is for children that weigh between 20 and 50 pounds and are 28 to 47 inches tall and capable of sitting upright alone. IMPORTANT! This is NOT AN INFANT SEAT! It is NOT for use by children less than 1-year old or those that do NOT meet the weight, height, and capability requirements. HASSEL-FREE® is a registered trademark of Hassel Free, Inc.

Note: Product photography is subject to change from shown, based upon improvement in design or safety features.

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