Cabinet Base

  • Available for use with all EVS seats
  • Base may be mounted forward- or rear-facing
  • Converts to lock box to secure drugs

SB 186-8S Base

  • To be used with 1760/1860
  • 8 positions
  • Seat can be mounted to base on left, right, or center sides.

SB 186-8WWM Base

  • To be used exclusively with EVS 1760 seat only
  • 8 positions
  • Made to fit in confined spaces
  • Height = 3-1/2"

CBH Heater Base

  • Tall heater base
  • For use with EVS standard seats only

SB 186-8 Base

  • Lightweight base that meets or exceeds FMVSS, including M1 (UK) standards
  • 8-position locking mechanism
  • Patented design
  • Space-saving in tight locations such as around wheel wells
  • For use exclusively with the EVS 1760

SB-8S Mini Base

  • 3.5" tall base with 8-position locking
  • Use with 1780/1790 3- or 5-point seats
  • Ideal for wheel well areas

CBWD Cabinet Base with Door Latch

  • For use with Standard and Advanced EVS seating
  • Available as CBWDK with door, lock and key

SB175 Base

  • For use with 1750 seat only
  • 9" tall base
  • Two positions

SB-2 or SB-8 Base

  • SB-2: Two-position base for child seats
  • SB-8: Eight-position base for non-child seats
  • Patented design for maximum strength
  • Conveniently-located release handle for easy positioning


  • To be used exclusively with the EVS 1780E seat only
  • Compact base -- made to fit in confined spaces


  • To be used with 1760/1860 attendant seats
  • Seat may be mounted to base on left, right or center sides

Product Brochure PDF download
1769 with Mobility 1 Tracking
1769 flip-up / tilt-forward seat
1860 attendant/child flip seat
1900 Executive Captain's Chair
2000 Executive Captain's Chair
Mobility 1 track seat
1800 attendant/child seat
1850 attendant/child seat
1750 attendant seat
17407 sewn attendant seat
1780 attendant seat
1790 squad bench convertible
1880 attendant/child seat
1760 flip seat
17803E attendant seat
1870-05 child seat
1500 series
Custom cushions/headers
Base options